3D Printing Services


Having an in-house 3D printer, I now also offer 3D printing services. Along the printing services I offer prototype modeling with the 3D printer in mind. Understand and take into account dozens of factors and non-experienced 3D modeler might not be aware of. Including: print tolerances, minimal wall thicknesses, design tricks, under-cuts, hinged objects, floating pieces, plastic properties, shrinkage, optimal initial model orientation, etc…
Colors available:
Blue (Flexible PLA)
Red (Flexible PLA)
Orange (Flexible PLA)

Clear (PLA)
Blue (PLA)
Red (PLA)
Black (PLA)
White (PLA)
Orange Clear (PLA)
Gold (PLA)

3D Printing starts at: $15 for print setup then approx. $1 per 10 grams.